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Power distribution companies (Discom) have faced challenges due to inadequate metering and data collection systems in place for many years now. Average Transmission & Commercial losses of the three Rajasthan Discoms are currently at Rs.12,000 Cr per year, with the combined losses of the three utilities pegged at Rs. 90,000 Cr.

Benefits to the client

  • Online transaction facility
  • End-consumers empowered through correct billing and metering services, online transactional facilities like online payment, new connection request etc
  • Centralized customer care centre for personalized and effective speedy resolutions
  • Real-time support; SMS alerts to build continuous customer engagement
  • Automated tracking through modems
  • No risks of fraud or data-duplication


To start reducing burgeoning losses in Power Sector of Rajasthan

Benefits to the customer

  • Removed manual intervention from generating bills & alerts and meter reading through Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). Also helped reduce pilferage.
  • Reduced risks of fraud/data-duplication
  • Standardized all critical application by centralizing software to provide uniform reports on energy consumption on hourly basis
  • Optimized operational & communication costs; improved overall system performance
  • Secure Intranet connecting more than 400 Discom sites; only authorized users to access Data Centre
  • Designed a scalable model for future expansion and utilization
  • Real-time progress tracking amongst employees for effective decision making & improve operations
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